Friday, May 29, 2009

Walking while on Vacation

Journal Entry: Coinage = $.11. 6 pennies, one nickel. Significant find, a very obvious walk-over nickel near Starbucks in Galleria Area of Houston, TX.

Feature Entry: Vacation walking is not a good time or place for money walking. On my walk this morning in the upscale area of Houston I finally gave up looking for coins and focused on the sights and sounds of a new vista. While a very nice change of pace, I miss the "buzz" of finding coins in the MoneyWalker's on savanna.

What is significant is that I found time for a walk. Also, I am using "cognitive over ride" to eat light meals while on the trip. It has taken several weeks to weight in consistently at 174 and I do not want to lose all that work with overeating.


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