Monday, May 18, 2009

Proustian Thinking While Walking

Journal Entry: Weight = 175.4; Coinage = $1.45, 35 pennies, 2 nickels, 5 dimes, 2 quarters; Glass bottles = 3; Ground Scores =2. Best find: a solitary curb wheat penny, 1947 date (Note the "tails" side of the penny in the photo, it is a wheat penny); also, another good day at the car wash, $.61.

Feature Entry: Occasionally, a friend will ask what the MoneyWalker thinks about when walking. I have found that focused walking blocks most random thought intrusions from consciousness. My mind is busy problem solving and playing hunches about where to scan. However, one recurring theme does break in frequently: Which of my past experiences relates and informs the art and science of finding money. Similarly, which of the principles of fitness and nutrition should I include in featured blogs. I also spend some time thinking about how to best “market” the blog. Finally, I think of Proustian-type random recalls and associations. But, mainly, I am thinking about finding coins.

Today, I was thinking of Bobby, a friend from work. He is the one that send me the satire on walking. He has been doing internet research on walking because of a just completed stint heart procedure. He is in therapy and walks the treadmill. Bobby has a motivation for walking that pales any slight buzz that I might get out of finding a wheat penny or a quarter at the car wash.

Bobby likes my blog and promises to give moneywalking a review when he finishes physical therapy. This thought brings me to the techniques that I advocate for finding money in my mid-city neighborhood. My success is the plentiful moneyspots in my area. But for others in more remote neighborhoods, I advocate a different technique. Just walk the curbs. It will take several weeks to mine all the loose change along street curbs. For Bobby, the focus will be on the restoration of a strong heart muscle, finding coins will be lagniappe, a Cajun word meaning something extra.



  1. Great idea for a blog. Keep on walkin!

    p.s.I will keep updated on your posts, very interesting.

  2. My thoughts usually run along the same lines as yours. Even when deep in thought it seems that spotting round, shiny objects is always there. Many times I have purposely gone out walking just to work out a personal problem, kind of like a sweatlodge for my emotional health.

    Blog topics are often thought of while I enjoy the solitude.

    Good luck to friend Bobby and his recovery.