Thursday, December 26, 2013

Helping Phillip and Pecan Pie

Weight = 178.8 lbs.; holding strong for the holidays in spite Ms S’s wonderful pecan pie for Christmas dinner.  There were five of us, note how much of the pie remained.  That is the problem with pies and cakes and retirement.  There are just the two of us, but Ms S and I both have good discipline, we will enjoy small pieces throughout the week.  The pie story will be one of my tips for losing weight.  See below.
Coinage =$2.11 Ending up giving it to Phillip after I had already given him a ½ pack of cigarettes I had found.  He needed .75 for bus change.  Phillip was young, what he needed was to go to work.  We talked about the New Orleans Saints, our NFL team.  While counting out the .75, I stopped and said, “Do you want it all?”  He said, “Sure if you can spare it.”  Ah, the life and times of the Dukes of MidCity New Orleans.
GPS Data:
Miles walked = 4.05
Average pace = 16 min, 48 sec.
Calories burned = 420
Previews of Weight Loss Strategy:  January 1, 2014 is just a few days.  Of course I will be making my annual weight loss resolution.  Moreover, I plan to share my secrets for losing weight and how I plan to keep it off.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Vagaries of Found Coins

Weight = 178.6 lbs.; down from 180.2

Coinage found = $1.92

GPS data = 4.25 miles walked; MPH average was 16.47 minutes; burned 447 calories.

A Few Comments About Found Coins

First, today’s walk was a five quarter walk.  Special, all quarters were “curb coins” or coins found along the curb where cars park. 

Second, from yesterday’s “residual walk” to the neighborhood bank four coins were of interest:  A Jamaican $5.00 coin; a Bahamian penny; a Panamanian dime; and a 1907 Indian Head U.S. nickel.  All were left in the Capital One Bank’s coin machine coin return. 

And finally, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years on this 2013 Christmas Eve

The MoneyWalker

Monday, December 23, 2013

MoneyWalking and Charitable Giving

Photo: Baptist Friendship House 2013 Christmas Newsletter

Journal Entry:
Weight = 180.02 lbs. holding since Thanksgiving.  We will get this under control for the New Year.

Coinage = $3.35 

Walk = 1.5 miles

Best coinage find for the year 2013 = A bag of quarters left in the trash can at a car wash totaling 45 quarters or $9.00 dollars.

Total amount of money found moneywalking for the 2013 year = $433.83. Earlier years included 2012, $240.76; 2011, $224.13; and 2010, $155.58. There is a learning curve here.

Comment:  Charity and Moneywalking

Finding nine dollars in quarters is a bitter sweet experience.  Someone was very sad when they discovered their loss; and, for the MoneyWalker nine dollars is really very little, maybe three gallons of gas.  Thus, the money from the very beginning has been split between two charity causes—The Baptist Friendship House for Battered Women and their Children, and the University of New Orleans Homer L. Hitt Presidential Lecture Series.  Although the people lose their money are unaware, I’m sure they would be very happy knowing their money was used in these altruistic ways. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years.

The MoneyWalker.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Public Accountability and Weight Loss Goals

Photo: Ms S's stair climbing accountability chart.  Each mark represents one 17 stair step, up and back.  Thus, the ten days averaged up/down steps 1,020. 

Weight: 180.2 lbs, 2.4 lbs up from last post, blame it on Thanksgiving and cruise overeating.

Money Found:  $2.19 from today’s walk, $2.45 from 12/1/13 walk.  Best find, a five quarter scatter on 12/1/13 walk.

Nike GPS app data: 4.09 = total miles; fastest mile = 17.23 minutes; calories burned = 414

Topic: Public Accountability

Public accountability is a powerful motivator for weight loss achievement.  Therefore, I’m posting my weight loss strategy and results for all to see.  Take the MoneyWalker’s challenge and follow these six accountability steps.

1.       Resume or begin weighing every day. For numeric accountability, write it down.

2.       Take a minimum of five 3-5 mile walks each day until Christmas; or, create your own distance guide but walk the distance five times.

3.       Eat breakfast each morning

4.       Resume resistive exercise program at least three times weekly (optional)

5.       Count and record calories consumed for each meal and between meals snacks.

6.       Report results of calories consumed and morning weigh-in on Facebook and Moneywalker blog for public accountability. An option is to record the data in your own journal that you share with a trusted friend or relative.  Public accountability is the goal.