Monday, December 23, 2013

MoneyWalking and Charitable Giving

Photo: Baptist Friendship House 2013 Christmas Newsletter

Journal Entry:
Weight = 180.02 lbs. holding since Thanksgiving.  We will get this under control for the New Year.

Coinage = $3.35 

Walk = 1.5 miles

Best coinage find for the year 2013 = A bag of quarters left in the trash can at a car wash totaling 45 quarters or $9.00 dollars.

Total amount of money found moneywalking for the 2013 year = $433.83. Earlier years included 2012, $240.76; 2011, $224.13; and 2010, $155.58. There is a learning curve here.

Comment:  Charity and Moneywalking

Finding nine dollars in quarters is a bitter sweet experience.  Someone was very sad when they discovered their loss; and, for the MoneyWalker nine dollars is really very little, maybe three gallons of gas.  Thus, the money from the very beginning has been split between two charity causes—The Baptist Friendship House for Battered Women and their Children, and the University of New Orleans Homer L. Hitt Presidential Lecture Series.  Although the people lose their money are unaware, I’m sure they would be very happy knowing their money was used in these altruistic ways. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years.

The MoneyWalker.

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