Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Vagaries of Found Coins

Weight = 178.6 lbs.; down from 180.2

Coinage found = $1.92

GPS data = 4.25 miles walked; MPH average was 16.47 minutes; burned 447 calories.

A Few Comments About Found Coins

First, today’s walk was a five quarter walk.  Special, all quarters were “curb coins” or coins found along the curb where cars park. 

Second, from yesterday’s “residual walk” to the neighborhood bank four coins were of interest:  A Jamaican $5.00 coin; a Bahamian penny; a Panamanian dime; and a 1907 Indian Head U.S. nickel.  All were left in the Capital One Bank’s coin machine coin return. 

And finally, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years on this 2013 Christmas Eve

The MoneyWalker

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