Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Occasional Streets

Journal Entry: Weight = 175.6; Coinage = $.56, 31 pennies, 1 nickel, 2 dimes; Glass bottles retrieved = 3; Ground Scores = 7. Significant find, a curb scatter of 1 dime and 3 pennies. My entire walk focused on that find and "the habit of carelessness." The Moneywalker follows "occasional" streets when returning to base from the end-point. These are usually a bit out of the way and so are not walked frequently. On most streets I remember which side I took on last walk and take the other side for the current walk. But today, I remembered that one block of the occasional street often gives up coins with high frequency. Sure enough, I abandoned the novel side for the high yield side and once again money was found. The results provided yet more data for the "habit of carelessness." Some people are just not careful when getting in and out of the car. They lose coins over and over and in the same place. My mind remembers these locations and never fails to guide me to these locations.

Because the Habit of Carelessness is so pervasive and pertains to so many behaviors, Ms. MoneyWalker is well acquainted with a person with this problem.



  1. What a great picture. I used to live in A.Z. and took these scenes for granted. Now that I am a resident of New Jersey I miss and appreciate the beauty of the desert scape.

  2. Thanks Michael. I try to match a picture with the theme of my blog, but not always successfully. I read your profile. I too am a physical education teacher. In fact, I consider my blog to be an extension of my life's work.

  3. Hey, you are posting photos of my neck of the woods! I've driven that road many times!

    Can't say that I've ever found any pennies there but next time I might have to give it a try!

    Have you ever been out our way to explore the parks? Monument Valley is just one of the spectacular sights.

  4. Not that far, but was raised 20 miles from Clovis NM. The area has many sights similar but not as majestic. Found a wheat today on an "occasional" street.