Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Memorial Day from the MoneyWalker

Journal Entry: Weight = +175.2; Coinage $1.01, 46 pennies, 2 nickels, 2 dimes, 1 quarter; Glass bottles picked up and disposed = 8; Ground Scores = 5. Best coin find, a two coin scatter (1 quarter and 1 penny) found along a curb of an "occasional" street detour taken on a hunch. A block further, the curb gave up a dime.

Bob's Herrenzimmer is operation central for the MoneyWalker's blog, coin shop, office, and library. It is a place that I read, reflect, write, and study. Today, I am reminded of Memorial Day and a person that I met on this morning's walk. A slight altercation ended happily. I spotted what looked like a recyclable jacket and ventured to close to his "home." He was homeless, but he had squatted in a crevice of trees and a pushed over wooden fence. The spot was vacant, but as I neared it the gentleman was walking up from a different direction. His warning was just a grunt, but it communicated clearly to stay away. Later I returned and apologized for my intrusion explaining that I had spotted a jacket that might be recycled. He said, "No problem, would I like the jacket?" I politely refused, but upon reflection realized the spirit of Memorial Day, to live in a country that allows easy habitation of people on the full continuum of life's blessings. But in the mean time I am reminded that it must be time to get a new pair of Brooks walking shoes.

Happy Memorial Day, thank you veterans for your sacrifice--for all of us.


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