Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Penny's Leadership

Journal Entry: Body Weight = 175.0; Coinage =$.94, 44 pennies, 3 nickels, 1 dime, 1 quarter; glass bottles retrieved = 4; Ground scores = 7.

Feature Entry: When fast walking (zooming), I walk the curbs of the streets rather than the sidewalks. The curbs is where money falls when people get in out of their cars. Curb walking can be "inside" or "outside." Inside walking is the area between the actual curb and the pavement reserved for cars. Outside walking is still reserved for car parking, but it is the area that the driven opens out to. With busy streets, outside walking is dangerous.

As for finding coins, there are trade-offs. Gravity pulls coins to the curb, but many drivers drop coins when getting into and out of their car which favors outside walking. When zooming along the inside, I always look between parked cars for coins. This morning, the MoneyWalker spotted a bright penny between two cars but in the area defined as outside. Looking carefully for traffic risks, I retrieved the penny. But once there, again vigilant for cars, I scanned the area for more coins. There hidden from my original view on the "outside" was one more penny, then a quarter, and finally a dime--one of my all time best "scatters." And to think, a lowly penny led the way.

That is what I call leadership.


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