Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hall of Fame Money Spots

Journal Entry: Weight = 174.4; Coinage = $1.25, 25 pennies, one nickel, two dimes, and 3 quarters; glass bottles retrieved = 8; Ground scores =3. Four great finds and several scatters on this walk. Find of the day, a quarter and nickel scatter of Juan's Flying Burrito parking lot. Runner up find, a quarter and two pennies at the coin change machine in Rouse's Grocery Store (found on the floor, not in the refuse coin return bin).

Feature Entry: Today, I am featuring several photos showing "hall of fame" money spots in the Mid City area of New Orleans. While walking for fitness and weight control, I plot these spots into my four mile daily walk.

The Jefferson Davis Car Wash featuring six vacuum stations, one automatic bay, and five self wash bays. I have checked this spot two or three times a week for several month and have never been shut out.

A depiction of how money is left near the vacuum bays of the car wash.

Newspaper stands have mechanical coin mechanisms that somehow drop monetary overflow into coin returns. I want to know how that happens. This shot is near a fast food entrance. It takes about fifty tries before one of these machines delivers a coin. Some people drop coins on the ground so I always look around the machines as well as in the coin returns.

Car wash coin receivers have yielded big returns for the MoneyWalker. People drop a quarter and don't feel a need to open the door, look through debris, and retrieve the coin. Also, inside the car wash money is somehow found. Recently I found a dollar bill inside an automated car wash.

Telephones are still viable even with cell phones, but they are slipping out of use. Recently, the telephone company systematically removed one phone from each two phone station as indicated in the photo. I find money in the return and on the ground around the phone. Note the trash in one of the phone bays, I always clean trash from the phone bays as a service.

This dime is resting in the parking area between the street and the curb, I call them curb finds. Curb finds is my top hall of fame money location. For the MoneyWalker, zooming from one money spot to another always involves curb walking. My least favorite hall of fame money spot is the fast food drive through. I chose not to provide a photo feature.

Someone once said, "You are so lucky concerning finding money, I never find anything." Finding money is luck, but it is also a function of art and science. We will talk about learning and the art and science of finding money in a future blog.



  1. I get good results from parking lots by video and game rental stores. This morning I found a $.34 scatter at one.

    One other odd place is at Office Max and Staples. I can't figure that one out.

    The rest of my hot spots are basically the same as yours. Love those car washes.

    Does your area have strips of grass between the sidewalk and curb? Lately with all of the construction going on here my curbwalking has been limited. Have to stay on the sidewalk or risk becoming a hood ornament.

  2. Yes to the grass. My area has neither an Office Max, Staples, or Video rental. Moreover, I go to those so infrequently I haven't checked them, but will do so now when I drive to that area. One complaint I have with money spots is that they slow me down for careful scanning. I was a more efficient walker before discovering so many money spots.