Monday, May 11, 2009

I found 821 pennies in one location

Journal Entry: Weight = 175 lbs; Coinage = $9.21, 821 pennies, 3 nickels, 5 dimes, 1 quarter; Glass bottles retrieved + 21; Ground scores =4.

Today and yesterday I found 821 pennies in two spots along the infamous 17th Street Canal. This is the Canal that gave way during Katrina and flooded my home and thousands like me with five feet of water.

The Canal runs through my walking savanna. It is a 25 foot deep concreted ditch that flows along mostly without observation or incidence. A bus stop is on two sides of a traffic bridge that crosses the canal. Recently I have found several penny scatters on a walk way that leads along the high protected bank from on one bus stop to another.

Careless bus riders was my explanation. But then I had a hunch. I decided to carefully examine a concrete apron at the base of the canal. Barely visible from the 25 ft vantage point was what looked like a penny, but hardly worth retrieving. Upon closer inspection, I noticed a scatter of what appeared to be several dozen coins. Finding an access ladder near the bridge, down I went. 300 pennies later I went home. This morning I returned to the canal for a second look. In a different spot, I found 500 more pennies and several nickels and dimes.

I have taken that path and crossed 17th Street Canal bridge hundreds of times without thinking of finding money in such a remote and difficult location. But playing a hunch provided big rewards. Perhaps Zen is an explanation for the hunches. This is my second blog about playing hunches to find money. In my next blog I will attempt to provide a scientific explanation about what seems to be going on.



  1. WOW!! I'll be anxious to hear your theory about how that large scatter got there.

    How do you carry all that home? Are you strapping on a backpack or some other kind of carrier? Twentyone bottles take up lots of arm space.

  2. I'm still in shock about finding nearly 900 pennies in one basic location. I am certain that several are still around in nooks and crannies. As for the bottles, I pick them up as I walk and immediately look for a trash recepticle. But still the image of this early morning dude walking along the street with a few empty beer and whiskey bottles in his hand is enought to drive my wife crazy.

  3. Hmmm, quite interesting and beyond what could be attributed to coincidence. I would venture to say they might be pennies tossed in to make a wish? Since they are under a bridge, think about it. Wow, there is a lot of hope in those pennies Bobby, spend them wisely.

  4. Good Point, but the 17th street canal is associated with so much misery in regards to Katrina it is hard to think of "three coins in a fountain." But these coins will have a good home, I give all found money to a local home for battered women and their children.

  5. Our local news just gave the New Orleans high temp for today as 103. They also reported humidity in the high 60s. Oh my...

    I can live with the 103. We get that a few times in the summer. It's the high humidity that will get to me. Your moneywalking must happen very early in the morning. Years ago I lived in Memphis for seven months and remember that high temp/high humid combination all too well.

    I'm going to enjoy my cool days (70's) while they last for the next few weeks. But right now I am going to bed and dream of wild explanations for the fabulous finds of your last two outings.

    And just so you know, I'm envious!

    I'm also curious about your Katrina experiences and hope to read more bits and pieces about it in the future.