Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Money Walking in Amarillo, Nothing to Lose

Feature Entry: Numi once mentioned the difficulty of finding money while walking on vacation. I agree, but more about that later.

For the ones that expect to gain a few timely tips about weight management, I am happy to report that a well developed habit of daily walking can transfer and inform the temptations of sedentary vacation travel. Vacations invite over indulgence of bad habits. Yet, this trip the Moneywalkers have been careful with their diets as well as their exercise. Each morning on goes the Brooks shoes and out to a strange world without known moneyspots or expectations.

Yesterday, the MoneyWalker found 87 cents during a one hour walk. Eighty-one cents were found in the last five minutes of the walk--two quarters in a phone return, a dime in a convenience store, and two dimes in a drive through. This morning, forty cents were found and a new paperback novel by Lee Child, Nothing to Lose. Earlier walks have been less profitable.

I was also allowed the pleasure of MoneyWalking with my brother-in-law. He had a few worthy finds, but he is not sure about the efficacy of crossing the busy "loop" highway near his house looking for pennies. And he did turn a little pink when the McDonald window warden asked if I had lost something while checking for change at the drive through.

Tomorrow we are headed for Ft. Worth, TX. Will we moneywalk? Sure, we have nothing to lose but several hundred calories and an opportunity to gain a nice coin buzz.


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  1. McDonald's window warden? Once again, a fabulous phrase that I will think of each day!

    It's always fun to take a newbie out for a moneywalk and watch them squirm a little!

    Good luck in Ft. Worth. Man, it's humid there. Take a towel.