Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Expansion Joints and MoneyWalking

Journal Entry: Weight = 175.0; Coinage = $.82, 22 pennies, 1 nickel, 3 dimes, 1 quarter; Ground Scores = 3; Bottles retrieved = 14. Best coinage find = .11 scatter (one dime, one penny) on hunch detour. Also, two finds involved coin return newspaper stands, 1 quarter and one dime. These finds followed a long dry spell with newspaper stands.

Feature Entry: Concerning the hunch detour, walking patterns, like empires, cannot afford to become complacent, comfortable, and predictable. Growth requires risk taking and successful moneywalkers transcend norms. (A little existential talk there.) To find more money on walks, think of new places to look.

For example, expansion joints on concrete and asphalt drive throughs are excellent hiding places for coins. Expansion joints are used to prevent drive-ways from buckling as the material shrinks and expands with weather changes. They are made of 3/4 inch wide wood or plastic. Over time the expansion material gives way and a 1/2 inch crevice is left. Those crevices give up easily retrieved coins and the competitors usually lack the insight to look, or if a coin is spotted, the will to retrieve.

As for the expansion joints of life...the metaphor is too obvious, but as with drive-throughs, there are times when each us need a little room to expand or shrink. Early morning walking is where I find mine.

How easy it is to digress when important chores like mowing the lawn are waiting.


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