Sunday, June 21, 2009

Posture and MoneyWalking

Journal Entry: Late afternoon Sunday Father’s Day Walk: Weight = unknown (I weigh every day at the same place, same way, and same time-- early morning. Was unable to weigh this morning); coinage = $.87, 17 pennies, 2 dimes, 2 quarters; Glass bottles retrieved = 44 (that will teach me to walk on Sunday afternoon on Father’s Day); Ground scores = 8; Significant coinage find = a quarter, penny, and hardware bolt along a curb. I spotted the bolt and as I reached, noticed a penny, and then reaching for the penny, noticed a quarter in a grassy spot above the curb.

Feature Entry: Some criticize money walking as promoting bad posture. They say that walking with eyes focused downward causes the back to hump. If this posture is assumed, the critics are correct,it is the wrong way to money walk.

Correct posture is upright, shoulders straight and aligned over the upright body position. The eyes do not look straight down, but well out in front of the body. This posture and visual technique allows maximum use of the visual senses. Foveal, ambient, and peripheral will be discussed in a feature entry later this week.

In the mean time, ..."What?"... Excuse the interuption, Ms MoneyWalker just came into the herrenzimmer and noticed that I was slouching over the wordprocessor. "Yes Dear, I know that I should type with my head up and shoulders back."



  1. If you want help, erm, recovering from your money walking posture when you reach for the keyboard, try PostureMinder at - it should help you avoid back pain as a result of computer use (although it may not be able to help the money walking-related back pain), and best of all there's a free 30 day trial at

    Dr Phil

  2. I thought about your post this morning while out walking and tried to pay attention to my posture. When running I am okay. While scanning the ground I am usually looking side, forward, side. If I only look down I would miss most pickups.

    My posture probably needs to be improved all of the time, not just while moneywalking.