Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Man From Down Under

Journal Entry: Weight = 175.0; Coinage = $.35, 25 pennies, one dime; Glass Bottles = 12; Ground Score = 1; Best coinage find = seven pennies from Century One friend.

Feature Entry: Recently the MoneyWalker has featured different ways to sustain the healthy habit of walking for daily exercise. Walking with friends, going to the fitness center, the joys and sights of the neighborhood, the discipline of walking predicable distances around athletic fields, and fitness trails are all sources of motivation to different people.

From my on-line Anthony Trollope reading group, a friend named Michael from Australian sent me an off-line yesterday. He read the MoneyWalker and explained what motivates him to sustain his "constitutional." It is reproduced as follows:

Was interested to visit the moneywalker site. Had never thought of money as
an incentive to walk. My motivation for a daily two hour constitutional, is
to be able to don the iPod and enjoy the works of Mozart et al and observe
the bird-life - I carve birds and I play the cello and clarinet as hobbies.

Whatever it takes!

The photo is of Anthony Trollope, a great believer in daily exercise and walking.


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