Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sound Repeating Swing

Journal Entry, July 1, 2009: Weight = 175.0; Coinage = $1.39, 114 pennies (one the new 2009 Lincoln penny), 3 nickels, 1 dime; Glass bottles retrieved = 7; Ground Scores = 1; Best coinage find = a nickel on a totally graveled road in the country woods; a miracle of vision to pull this acid-crusted nickel out of the millions of look-alike rocks.

Journal Entry, July 2, 2009: Weight = 174.4; Coinage = $1.18, 18 pennies (one wheat), 3 nickels, 6 dimes, 1 quarter; Glass bottles = 3; Ground Scores = 4; Best coinage = 66 total cents at the Burger King near Delgado Community College. Had been shut out at the BK for a long time. Drive way produced 45 cents and parking lot a 3 coin scatter, 2 dimes and a penny.

Feature Entry: Finding the BK loot reminded me of a former colleague. He was an old school physical education professor, one that loved sport for sport sake; he was a great golf instructor, but couldn’t write the scientific stuff. Golf, I couldn’t do, but understood the nuances of motor learning and control. For promotion, as well as friendship, we collaborated on a methods golf piece called “A Sound Repeating Swing.”

When we learn, faulty behaviors are placed in long term memory as well as the good ones. The successful golf player develops a sound swing by suppressing the bad motor behaviors while favoring the good ones. A repeating swing implies the player can do the suppressing over and over so that he is consistent from one golf outing to the next. If it sounds easy, it isn't.

This friend died recently and the MoneyWalker had the pleasure of writing his obituary for our campus newsletter. It was titled BT, a man with a sound repeating swing. That is the way BT lived his life as well as the way he played golf—appropriate reliable behavior.

It is the same with finding money. To find the coinage the walker must put in the miles by walking the curbs, knowing the hotspots, and put in the time. Same with weight loss—weigh every day, eat breakfast, practice portion discipline, and exercise--all to form a habit that is both "sound" and "repeating."

BT, rest in peace!


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