Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Monopoly and the Americanization of Grandchildren

Journal Entry, July 6, 2009: Weight = 175.0; Coinage = $.78, 38 pennies, 3 nickels, 1 quarter; Best Coinage Find = a solo quarter on an occasional street 1 block detour.

Journal Entry, July 7, 2009: Weight = 174.4; Coinage = $.67, 37 pennies, 3 dimes; Glass bottles retrieved = 14; Ground Scores = 5 including a nice soft sponge “baseball” that has been washed, sanitized and given to Jackson Lee Thompson, aged 1 year and also known as the General; Best Coin find = 15 penny throw-away scatter half way up in a drive-through of a burger joint, they seemed to have just thrown the pennies out the window on the way to the pay window. My image is of a driver and passenger counting their change in preparation of payment, dividing their change into “real” money and pennies, and then throwing the pennies out the window just before arriving at the pay window.

Feature Entry: This week-end Ms. Moneywalker and I had the pleasure of introducing our 14, 11, and 8 year old granddaughters to the American Classic game of Monopoly. They had played before, but became discouraged due to the length of the game. We played the short version where the deeds are dealt rather than bought. After shrewd trades, monopolies were created and cut-throat action began. We had to play the next night as well. A case can be made that even the accumulation of paper money has the power to stimulate the ventral striatum, the brain's satisfaction center.

What a bunch of barracudas. Wall Street, watch out!


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  1. We like to play dominoes here. Even the littlest one can match the colors and learn to count. Hubby and the grandsons (16 and 11) also enjoy a good game of poker while out at the ranch. Haven't played Monopoly in years but I do have a unique Monopoly game that probably deserves a post in the future.

    There is a member of my extended family that does just as you described. He claims that pennies are useless so he tosses them out the window. I just smile and say thanks.