Monday, December 7, 2009

Walking, the Common Cold, and Your Resolution System

Feature Entry: Walking and the Common Cold

Crud, heck, darn, fooey--the Moneywalker has an upper respiratory illness also known as the common cold. It has affected his “resolution” system. The symptoms include runny nose, congestion, mild sore throat, minor aches and pains, but no fever. But worse, I just don't have the resolve to hit the road.

The question is not if, but should I exercise with this condition. The answer is not equivocal but generally positive according to Naomi Sklar, M.D. She states that mild-to-moderate exercise (i.e. walking) when sick with the common cold does not appear to be harmful. In clinical trials, subjects were able to engage in exercise during the course of the illness without any negative effects on severity of symptoms or performance capability. She suggests that if the symptoms are “from the neck up,” moderate exercise is probably acceptable and, some researchers would even argue, beneficial.

However, Thomas Sevier, MD in the Journal of Athletic Training indicated that elite athletes should monitor symptoms and adjust training schedules with more rest.

But if you have the flu, the advice is definite, no exercise. Experts recommend that you concentrate on healthy nutrition and on drinking large amounts of fluids. My mom used a fresh squeezed lemon, 12 oz. of hot water, mashed aspirin, and a little sugar. Today, Ms MoneyWalker is more apt to use water and electrolyte replacement drinks like Gatorade in order to prevent dehydration. Once the flu has completely run its course, the walker can slowly re-initiate a walking regiment.

Some people confuse the common cold for influenza. And for good reasons, there are over 200 different types of coronaviruses and rhinoviruses. Some result in more serious symptoms than others. The key to knowing if you have the flu is body temperature. If you have a fever, you should check with your physician to determine if it is safe to exercise.

Journal Entry: Weight = 176.2; Last coinage = $.58; Currency find = $5.00 along a curb near a convenience store; Glass bottles = 21; Ground Scores = 10 Finding a five makes for a nice walk and helps cure the symptoms gained from an assaulted resolution system. With Ms MoneyWalker's concurrence, I should be back on the trails tomorrow with mmune system and resolution system both in all points go mode.


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  1. Another paper find? Impressive!

    Exercising while recuperating from illness has always been a quandry for me. The H1N1 flu bug (complete with low-grade fever) has finally gone through the entire family here. No one left to hit. That respiratory stuff lingered for weeks but is now gone, thank heavens. We just learned that the vaccine is now available. I think we will get it anyway.

    I hope you get feeling better soon. I'm sure there is more paper waiting to be picked up!