Sunday, December 27, 2009

Good Walker Series--the Good Walker Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollar

Journal Entry: Just returned from a five day Christmas trip to New England, specifically Wilton, CT. The first thing upon returning was a 90 minute walk. Had great success on the curbs and found $.80. Being a Sunday, the Mid-City car-wash canisters were loaded, retrieved $5.04 in coins. In the stack of mail was a receipt from Baptist Friendship House, the group that ministers to battered women and their children. In the last two months we have donated $200.00 in found coins to their effort to bring counseling and comfort to these families.

Feature Entry: The MoneyWalker read in a Brookner novel about a "good walker." I found the simple phrase to have intrigue and it aroused my curiosity about what others might describe as a good walker. By Googling using Google advance, many interesting hits were found. The key words were "walking" and in the exact wording section, "good walker." One hit featured the 1918 S Good Walker Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollar. It consist of 90% silver. In numismatist lore, the coin is known simply as the "walker" coin. The obverse image representing Lady Liberty is considered the best design ever issued by the United States mint on a silver coin. That is why this image was used for the American Silver Eagle starting in 1986. I didn't find this coin, but I may want to buy both the half-dollar and the Silver Eagle for my hobby.

Future blogs will explore other aspects of what it means to be a "good walker."

We took a few walks in Connecticut, but no money was found. It is good to back in New Orleans.


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