Thursday, December 10, 2009

Meditation walking vs. money walking

Journal Entry: Weight = 175.2 (Second day of consecutive losses); Coinage = $3.08 (great day for quarters, found money in most of my money spots) 83 pennies, 4 nickels, 8 dimes, 5 quarters (amount also included 29 cents (1 quarter and four pennies) from a long residual walk to the post office and the grocery store; Ground scores = 10; Glass bottles = 3. Residual walking is a great way of “walking green.” Retrieved a Barq’s root beer bottle with this inscription: “Please recycle—NY-MA-OR-ME 5¢ MI 10¢ IA-VT-CT-DE 5¢.” Also the beverage contains calories = 160 for 12 oz serving.

Feature Entry: The MoneyWalker is beginning to receive e-mails from friends that deal with the culture of walking. This act of friendship is appreciated. One wrote:
“I thought of you the other day when I found a quarter and a penny during my daily walk. I almost never see any coins and these were in a lovely and very quiet Japanese garden, which seems the unlikeliest place to find them. I left them for a moneywalker to find.

My enjoyment of walking is very different from yours as you explained it in a post about the middle of last week. (I am, as usual, behind on my Trollope post reading.) I walk for the physical feeling of walking and the enjoyment of the minute changes I see every day. I have a lovely park to walk in with various gardens (rose, perennial, lilac, formal, Japanese . . . you get the idea.)

Another sent me a website on how to do “meditation walking.” From that site ( was this advice:
“Many Buddhists incorporate walking meditations into their routine. Some people find meditating easier to do while walking than while sitting still for extended periods of time. You can also take the opportunity to Ground and Center as you walk: Imagine that every time you put your foot down, it connects with the center of the earth”

Both comments stimulated this thought, is the MoneyWalker vulgarizing the act of walking by searching for money? “Ground and Center” is a meditation process that “ … is a visualization and meditation exercise you can use to focus yourself on the present and learn to feel more whole, more aware.” I’ll give the question more thought, but for now the MoneyWalker is a little to giddy about finding $3.08 to worry about it.


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  1. I'm so jealous! Weather here is still too cold and icy to go out in the mornings. However, my shopping outings have provided a little coinage.

    I have not tried Walking Meditation but have done Guided Meditation. Ralking provides solitude, a time to think through problems.