Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Santa giving thought to starting his flexibility program

Journal Entry: Weight = 176.2; Coinage = Curb finds $.38, Canister finds $2.16.

Feature Entry: Santa will be at rest for a few days. He will begin his new flexibility exercise program on January 2. Stay tuned for the results. Those hamstrings need help.

Merry Christmas from the MoneyWalkers



  1. Those canister totals are pretty impressive. Snow and darkness are still keeping me off the streets but solstice will start helping that, I hope. In the meantime I'm enjoying some pleasant times at the pool with the swimming ladies. Water walking and jogging is not my favorite exercise but it's better than nothing. I have managed to collect a few coins while on the never-ending shopping trips but haven't counted to report.

    Enjoy your holidays in the eastern cold. I'm looking forward to hearing about your upcoming program. Maybe it will provide some needed motivation to the Numismatist. Excuses have become wayyy to easy.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours!