Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A “good walker": Pronation

Journal Entry 12/28/09
: Weight = 175 lbs; Curb coinage = $.47, Canister coinage = $2.02

Journal Entry 12/29/09: Weight = 174; Curb coinage = $.89, Canister coinage = $1.95; Two fun finds included a new quarter along a curb that was just shinning forth with a big welcome; and just before were two dimes lying side by side in a parking lot.

Feature Entry: Pronation and a “good walker.”
In this series that focuses on the meaning of “good walker” several have defined a good walker as one that is biomechanically sound. To them, a good walker is one that has conquered the pronation battle. Walking pronation means rotation of the foot during ambulation. In overpronation the foot rolls inward while walking, and in underpronation the foot rolls outward. People with high arches tend to underpronate. Those with flatter feet are apt to overpronate. Eventually, walkers with improper pronation experience one or more painful symptoms including lower back pain, ankle pain, knee injury, and foot/toe pain.

One blogger waxed poetically about the design of the foot, “The foot is a marvel of function design. Leonardo da Vinci called it "The greatest engineering device in the whole world". Each foot is a complex of 28 bones arranged to form 4 arches, held together by over 100 ligaments, and activated by some 20 muscles.“

There are many ways to correct improper pronation during walking. Selecting a proper fitting full support walking shoe is the point of beginning. A store totally devoted to jogging and walking shoes usually have a trained sells associate that can help you pick the right shoe for your pronation style of walking.

Note: the photo above is from a recent walk in Wilton CT. I'm not sure if I am over or under pronating but walking on snow is a rare treat for this New Orleans moneywalker.



  1. Running shoes, my one extravagance (not counting photography gear). Replaced every nine months. That reminds me, I'm due.

    Walking on snow is a treat?

  2. We sure enjoy your blog! We also search for coins on the ground and have recently picked up a metal detector for below ground hunts. It's a lot of fun-not to mention the exercise that we get.

    Another thing that the family received for Christmas was the Wii Fitness game. Balance is a very important aspect of fitness-and this shows how off one can be. Your topic about the feet reminded me about balance.

    Keep up the great work on your blog. If you get some time take a look at our money finding adventures. www.thelincolnpennyproject.blogspot.com

    Steve from Seattle

  3. Steve, thanks for your kind comment. I have joined your blog and it seems that you have had this blog for awhile. Anyway, good luck with your new metal detector. Finding money is very addictive.