Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Walking as a prevention of cancer?

Journal Entry: Average weight over last seven days = 177.0 (yikes!); Coinage 12/11 = $1.88, Coinage 12/13 = $2.04, Coinage 12/14 = $3.59, Coinage 12/15 $2.81, Coinage 12/16 = $.66. Note the $1.88 and $.66 totals were vacuum container free. The MoneyWalker will not turn his back on the generous agreement with the Mid-City Car Wash’s generous policy of leaving their vacuum bays unlocked and their non-harassment management policy, he continues to find more enjoyment in finding curb coins.

Feature Entry: Walking as a prevention of cancer?

Medical research continually indicates that chronic tension and anxiety attacks the immune system. Many medical researchers have found that cancer cells openly reside in our body but are arrested or held harmless by a healthy immune system. We also know that individual decisions such as a good night’s sleep, stress management, eating healthy, and exercise lead contribute to the body’s immune functioning.

Thus walking appears to be an important weapon in the war against cancer. Not only does walking assist in weight control and keeping the body physically fit, it provides an excellent way to shape emotional energy thus reducing the effects of chronic tension. While there is no scientific evidence that links the habit of walking with cancer prevention, it is logical to assume that the practice of systematically walking as a life style habit helps the body’s immune system in keeping dangerous cancer cells at bay.


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  1. I haven't been out in two weeks due to various factors, most recently, the 12 inches of snowfall in the last week. It has warmed up to the high 30's in the afternoons, almost balmy after the cold of last week. Coinage is tough to find under the dirty snowbanks. Hopefully I'll be hitting the pool and the streets again on Friday.