Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Testing what you know about caloric expenditure and exercise mode

Journal Entry: Weight = 175.6 lbs and barely holding off holiday eating; Coinage = $2.73, 98 pennies (one wheat), 8 nickels, six dimes, 3 quarters (two residual quarters from the day before, one from a newspaper vending machine and one from a coin vendor at a pay parking lot); glass bottles retrieved = 8; Ground score = 1.

Feature Entry: A caloric expenditure exam question: Which of the following exercisers expended the most calories during a one mile exercise bout?

A. Marathon runners running one mile
B. Regular exercisers walking one mile
C. Obese subjects walking one mile
D. All expended the same number of calories per mile of exercise
E. Obese subjects and marathon runners expended the same amount of calories and statistically more than the regular exercisers.

The above question was posed as a research question by noted exercise physiologist Dr. Mark Loftin of the University of Mississippi. According to Loftin in a forthcoming article is D, all three groups expended the same number of calories for a one mile bout of exercise. Of course the marathon runners were essentially twice as efficient as the obese subject in that they covered the one mile in more than half the time as the obese walkers.

So crawl, creep, waddle, walk, jog, or run, just put in the miles for a healthier you.


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