Sunday, August 25, 2013

Five Tips for Losing Weight and Keeping it Off

Weight = 177.6 lbs, slight step backward

Coinage = $.59, regression effect with yesterday’s $3.92.

Best Find = a curb quarter, quarters are hard to find on the street.

Topic: Five tips for keeping weight off, especially if you are 50 or older

You’ve lost weight, now how do you keep it off?  Borrowing from the National Weight Control Registry, people once diagnosed as seriously overweight or morbidly overweight, but who have lost 69 lbs or more and kept their weight off for ten years have all followed a similar four-point path to avoid the yo-yo factor (losing weight then putting it back on.) 

One:      Eat breakfast every day. (For forty-five years and older folks, a high protein breakfast is important for metabolism.)

Two:      Weigh on a reliable consistent scale at least once a week. (I recommend ever day weighing for higher accountability.

Three:   Exercise by walking or similar aerobic program one hour each day.  (At about age 55, the walking program should be at least four times weekly and a resistive exercise program three times weekly)

Four:     Follow a low calorie/low fat diet.  (Track your food intake with a journal and count calories.  Limit eating out and when you do share portions and bring food home.)

If you want to lose weight, follow the same plan.  If you are 45 or older, add a fifth component, follow a three-time weekly resistive exercise  and stretching program.  After 45 years, muscle metabolism slows dramatically and continues over the balance of your life.  Muscles turn to fat and worse, the calories formally burned by a healthy metabolism are left to accumulate as general fat, often belly fat.  However, a resistive exercise program can dramatically facilitate a healthy metabolism rate.

Keeping muscles strong requires systematic protein consumption.  As for protein, 45 and older need 46 grams (women) and 56 (men) grams respectively each day.  For example, good sources for a man include 1) glass of milk, 8 grams; 2) 3 oz of meat, 21 grams; 3) cup of dry beans, 16 grams; and 4) 8 oz of yogurt, 11 grams.

Review the MoneyWalker’s recent blog about how to start and maintain a resistive exercise program.


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