Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I've got You Under My Skin Incentive System

Weight = 176.6  Need to move into the 175s.
Coinage = $2.39  A great coin day.
Best Find = a six-quarter scatter in a parking lot, very rare.
Photo = from iPhone
Feature: One Month Review of the MoneyWalker’s Token Incentive System for a Resistive Exercise (RI)Program ®
Over the years, the MoneyWalker has started many resistive exercise programs only to discontinue the work after a few sessions.  The reasons, perceived boring use of time combined with the hard work involved in moving the resistive weight loads.
This start-up, now one month old utilized a scientifically designed Token System to keep me engaged. The basis for the system is to tap into our basic need for external reinforcement and rewards.  For each of the completed ten workout RI stations, a token is placed on a token chart (see photo).  Thus participation is the focus of the incentive system.  Each successful work-out garners ten points.  However, performance is also rewarded, but less so.  The RI program utilizes an 8-10-12 repetition and an ever increasing “load” formula.  For example, I started with 8 repetitions of 65 lbs of weight for a bench press RI repeated twice—a two set program.  After ten days of monday-wednesday-friday RI work-outs, I was able to add two repetitions so that the 65lbs was lifted 20 times to earn the token rather than 16 times.  A careful examination of the photo shows a five token cluster in the extreme right column.  These tokens were based on the performance improvement.
Now the good part, after earning 100 points (note the broad dark line) I rewarded myself from the redemption category for 100 points.  From the several rewards, I selected a Jersey Boys CD by the original Broadway cast—hit it maestro, “I’ve Got You Under My Skin.” 
I`ve got you under my skin
I`ve got you deep in the heart of me
So deep in my heart, you`re really a part of me (baby, Ba-baby)
I`ve got you under my skin
So far, so good!  The full incentive system is explained on the Aug 10, 2013 post.  For now, the token system is working, the habit is"getting under my skin."  (Lyrics by Frankie Valli)
The MoneyWalker

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