Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hi, My Name is Edward Eason

Weight = 176.8 lbs., won't celebrate yet, but the 175s are in sight.

Coinage = $3.74, quarters were in all the money hot spots

Best find = "trail along" coins, two dimes, a nickel, and three pennies over a thirty foot stretch of curb as if someone had a hole in their pocket.

The MoneyWalker Meets Edward Eason

During my seventy decades, today was the first time I've introduced myself to a person with the last name Eason.  Gridlocks aside, and that he was obviously a member of the MidCity nobility, the MoneyWalker (aka Bob Eason) was excited.  The meeting started the same way, "Do you have a couple of quarters you can spare?"  Not really a question but an entree into his next response after he noticed the bait had been taken, "Or anything that you can spare."  I stopped digging after $1.10, my usual limit.  He took my questions nicely. He had a military background;he had lived all around; he was a percussionist; he was 43 but looked younger; he was articulate giving signs of a good education; he had a government permanent disability pension; and he was homeless.  We talked some about my walks and how much money people leave on the ground. Then I bid farewell and wished him the best.  "You too, you're a cool dude." he said. 

Not immediate relatives, but neither of our ancestors came through Ellis Island.


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