Sunday, August 18, 2013

Joys of A Familiar Walk

Weight = 177.4 lbs. and holding

Coinage = $2.67, best find, two quarters at a car wash.

Distance traveled = 4.01 miles (distance and other data calculated by Nike Cell Phone Ap)

Calories Burned = 399, Note: data now shows a great rule of thumb, one mile equals 100 calories regardless of speed or walking, running, jogging modality.

Average speed of walk = 18.36 minutes a mile

Blog Feature: Joys of A Familiar Walk, (What the MoneyWalker will now call a Drabble Walk named after novelist Margaret Drabble.)

Says Drabble, “There was something more than the daily pleasures of streets well trodden, faces well known, small moments of architectural madness and felicity amidst acres of monotony.  There was some inexplicable grace…” from Part One, The Needles Eye
Like the orange man says, a good walk is great for mending the blues.

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