Friday, August 23, 2013

Donald Pushed Back

Weight = 177.4 lbs.; holding on in spite of Ms. S making chocolate chip cookies.

Coinage found = $1.92; two different quarter curb finds.

No GPS data, phone was dead

Topic: Donald Pushes Back

Recently the Moneywalker has been embracing the “nobles of MidCity” New Orleans.  Rather than turn these street residents away, if they ask for “bus money,” and if I have change from the walk, it is offered.  I always introduce myself and ask for their name.  Eye contact and a brief conversation are encouraged.  Smugly, I felt their humanity, and mine, were being enhanced. 

Turns out, exchanging aspects of humanity is a tricky transaction.  For example, on the walk, a gentleman was getting out of a streetcar and heading directly toward me.  Central casting would not have used him—way over the top even for Hollywood; old tennis shoes with no laces, beltless pants held up with his hand, matted hair, and unshaven.

Certain that he would ask for a handout, I preemptedly offered him four quarters. 

MoneyWalker: “Sir, could you use this change?”

Noble: without a preamble of thanks but with a certain swagger stated, “This money is just in time.”

MoneyWalker: “My name is Bob, what is yours?”

Noble: with a street nuance mumbled “Donald.”

MoneyWalker: not understanding, “Pardon, I missed that.”

Noble: with some impatience spelled, “D-o-n-a-l-d.”

MoneyWalker: sensing the humanity transaction was nearing an end, “Well, nice meeting you Donald.”

And thus the episode closed.  If the MoneyWalker’s ego  needed a little appreciation, it was not Donald’s problem.  Somehow the word patronizing surfaced, regardless of one’s status in life, no one wants to be patronized.


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