Saturday, March 14, 2009

Playing Favorites

Journal Post: 176.4 lbs; 77¢, 22 pennies, 4 nickels, 1 dime, 1 quarter. 11 glass bottles retired. Found a dime as I picked up one of the bottles, would not have seen dime otherwise. Residual Walk to the Grocery: 16¢, one dime, one nickel, one penny, in two different curb finds. Total find, 93 cents.

Feature Post: I play favorites, some of my money fines are more fun than others. Today’s feature will highlight several finds that gave the MoneyWalker more than usual pleasure.

47¢ penny scatter in a real estate parking lot. Hey buddy, don’t take your subprime frustration out on the poor pennies.

2 quarters in adjacent pay newspaper stands, USA Today and Times Picayune. What’s up with that, both the national and local news were so bad—keep the money!

1$ dollar bill in a Shell station drive through carwash, inside the carwash. I wonder if the guy washed behind his ears.

½ dollar in concrete chard near a drainage grate. This baby goes into my Found Money Hall of Fame.

25$ dollars wadded together as two tens and a five on the ground but under a post office mail deposit drive-up. Hey pal, next day delivery is cheaper.

Seven quarters in a scatter found outside a bar and grill that features slot machine poker. I hope this guy called a cab.

68 ¢ found on a Rallys (hamburger drive through) picnic table. Those cheap burgers can cause some really serious heartburn.

Ten dollar bill in the parking lot of a locally popular restaurant. There went the tip money.

55¢ under a pay station for pre-paying parking slips. I am surprised the meter maids didn’t cuff me.

Happy St Patrick’s day next Tuesday, may the luck of the Irish be with you and the lbs come flying off as the coins come flying in.



  1. Thanks for the chuckles tonight.

    Yesterday each time I found more that one coin at a location the word "scatter" came to mind. Forty-seven pennies in one place is quite the scatter! I think the most I've found at once is around 30.

    My favorite find is probably the $10 bill hanging out of a slot machine in a casino. I waited for five minutes for someone to come back and claim it before it went in my pocket then home into the jar.

  2. Good to hear from you. I have a friend that has invited me to go to his favorite casino for the expressed purpose of looking for money. He says that people leave "balances" on the slots all the time in addition to coins on the floor.

    Concerning "scatter" I have noticed that if you find one coin, look for another as people often lose money in groups, usually pairs. I also use "grouping" to mean coins found in close proximity, but seemingly with no relationship, such as three pennies in the same block but in front of different houses.

  3. Whoo hoo! This morning I found a .45 scatter of pennies! I think you are bringing me good luck.

    We have casinos about two hours from here. Hubby likes to play poker so we occasionally take them up on the offer of a free room. The most I've ever found on a slot machine is $7. But often there are a few pennies. There are rarely coins on the floor at our casinos because everything is electronic and they keep the places very clean.

    Good luck at the casino. Last year part of Hubby's poker winnings bought me a the DSLR camera that I had been longing for!