Monday, March 23, 2009

$300,000 Lost Each Day & A Testimonial

Journal Entry: Weight = 178.2 lbs; Money Found = $.57, 27 pennies, 1 nickel, 1 quarter; glass bottles retrieved = 11. A fun walk, three different penny scatters.

Feature Entry: Terry Armstrong, Co-Founder/Co-Director of the Found Money Fund of Idaho (FMFI) reported that over $300,000.00 is lost each day (news report, 1990). Tongue in check, he “.. urge(s) people to hurry, don’t look down, practice paranoia, and always carry coins.”

Hoping to verify Armstrong’s $300,000, the MoneyWalker searched Advanced Google without success but did find Dave and Alice Bertzfield’s testimonial on their community blog, the Silverseekers. This couple is a member of the Federation of Metal Detector and Archaeological Clubs Inc. People with metal detectors take our hobby of finding lost money to a whole different level (see photo in March 24, 2009 feature blog above). Maybe we money searchers should take note and form our own society.

In the case of the Bertzfields, they also money walk, they call their finds “eye finds." Here is their story:
Over the years we have picked up coins (called eye finds) just lying around in many places. When our 2nd. Grand child was born we decided to save our eye finds for the two of them. We started to save them from Apr. to Oct. & Oct to Apr. Every six months I would count the eye finds, roll them & take them to the bank for paper money. Our goal has been to find a quarter per week for each girl. Only a few times in the last eight & a half years we didn’t make it. We decided to save this money for them either until they really need something or until they graduate. As we are just finishing up one of the six month savings it has been one of the highest finds we have had. In this six month period they will each have over $35. That will be added to the $415 that is already saved for them. It is hard for us to imagine the money lost each day in this country. We often say if someone loses a quarter at a fast food restaurant each day & multiply it by all the fast foods around, the amount lost is staggering.

Their blog URL is

Good luck to the Bertzfields and their metal detector, but I am still breathless over that $300,000 lost money each day. Imagine, $300,000 of newly lost money on the street since yesterday, I’ve got to get out there.


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