Thursday, March 5, 2009

Friendship and the Friendship House

The MoneyWalker met a new friend on this morning’s walk. The neighborhood’s 8-bay car wash is a money hotspot and I visit it often. This morning one of the money-yielding vacuum stations was occupied—dang! Weary of violating his personal space, I ventured as close as discretion might allow. Too close, he said, “Good morning, talking your walk?” “My name is Greg,” he said. Forget fast paced walking, I was engaged. I admitted that I was a MoneyWalker and what that meant. “What do you do with the money?” he wanted to know.

I answered that the MoneyWalker’s money is donated to the Baptist Friendship House of New Orleans. Just outside of the historic French Quarter, the Friendship House provides a host of services including a transitional housing program for women and children. Programs include: GED preparation, literacy classes, computer classes, English as a Second Language, job readiness classes, and spiritual guidance. They also have a program for girls which features help with academics, field trips, arts/crafts, and dozens more. The girls learn how to become a self-sufficient woman by receiving instruction in Violence Prevention, career development, self-esteem, responsible sexuality, community service, and accountability.

Yesterday the MoneyWalker made a donation to the Friendship House. “Shock and awe” were registered on the face of unsuspecting Assistant Director Karina America as she received 78 rolls of pennies ($39.00), five rolls of nickels ($10.00), five rolls of dimes ($25.00) three rolls of quarters ($30.00), 14 one dollar bills ($14.00), and two fives ($10.00) for a total of $128.00 dollars. The container of coins weighted more than 50 lbs. I wish that I could see the expression of the business manager when this "donation" is delivered.

First was fitness walking, then finding money, after that blog management, and now a charity cause, where is this bizarre hobby going next? Stay tuned!


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