Monday, March 16, 2009

Making the Calls

Journal Entry: Weight-177.0; Found Money-$1.19, 14 pennies, 2 nickels, 2 dimes, and 3 quarters; 12 glass bottles retrieved.

Feature Entry: One of the followers of this blog is an industrial salesman. In discussing his work this past Sunday, the essence of his comments was that “you just keep making the calls.” For this year, the MoneyWalker has been averaging over a dollar per walk (about one hour and fifteen minutes). But even with success as a money finder, before the beginning of each walk, I have doubts. This good luck can’t continue! This morning was one of those walks. It had rained most of the night. Leaves filled the curb sides. I got started late and the commuters going to work caused distractions. So went my negativity. And as if the theory of self fulfilling prophecy was true, more than two-thirds into my walk, my pouch contained 3 cents. Moreover, I had visited most of my hot money spots. Then it happened. The fast food drive through that had been “dry” for the last several visits, produced a quarter, two dimes, and six pennies. The next USA newspaper stand gave up a quarter. Two blocks later, a quarter was mined from the curb followed by several pennies. Then a nickel from the NY Times stand at the Coffee Bean was added.

My friend is right, finding money is just a matter of making the calls. In fact, my doubts are like most things we worry about, 90% of the time, our worse fears don't come true. And of the 10% left, half of those things we can't do anything about. What looked like a barren money day, with threatening rain and overcast skies more than a metaphor, turned into a bright rosy money finding walk. I find life is much the same way. We can chose to dwell on the negative and be gloomy, or we can "keep making the calls" and watch those storm clouds drift over other skies.

How was your walk? Great walk, Dear! Incidentally, Ms. MoneyWalker has her own highly effective work-out regiment of stair climbing, hand weights, and stretching exercises. Then she said, "Have you finished the income tax filing?" Dread that 5 percent.


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