Tuesday, March 3, 2009

President Obama and a Coin Tender

Beginning August 1, 2008 and ending Feb. 28, 2009, the MoneyWalker has found $112.51. The exact amount is known because the loose coins have been processed through a new MMF Coin Tender. This inexpensive contraption (Office Depot under $15.00) stores, counts, and wraps pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. Before the coin tender, the coins were piled inelegantly in plastic drink containers throughout the house. Mrs. MoneyWalker was not happy. Doing the math, $112.51 represents 2,431 pennies, 200 nickels, 225 dimes, 138 quarters, 12 one dollar bills, and two five dollar bills, all picked up over a seven month period by one person. That is 2,991 coins rescued from an unlikely future, possibly out of circulation forever. President Obama, as you follow the MoneyWalker’s blog, know that these coins are now neatly wrapped and ready to be put back in circulation for the good of the ‘ol USA. Also, all that walking, bending, reaching, and mentally searching is helping with another of your projects, cutting down on the Medicare costs by keeping the MoneyWalker hip and healthy. We MoneyWalkers are good citizens.

MoneyWalker’s finds for the first three days of March, $1.61, 96¢, and $1.34 respectively. The coin tender is already filling up. You will want to get one of these handy gadgets for your loot.

I wonder if President Obama is a MoneyWalker?



  1. Dear Mr. MoneyWalker,

    Your success is greatly commendable. The "hunt" that you are on causes recollection of a most wonderful childhood experience of my own.

    Whilst "growing up" in Appalachia, I and other children liked to "hunt" turtles. These box turtles were hard to find as they specialized staying under the decaying leaves of forest undergrowth, munching on lichens, grubs, worms or other moldy morsels. These box turtles were never harmed, just merely removed from there environment to participate in contests of speed or perhaps some nail polish on their shells. Eventually, they would be released at a central point only to be collected again weeks later when it became interesting again.

    Oddly our hunt became ridicousley enriched when our dogs, Joey and Missy, realized what exactly we were looking for. Somehow, without direct training they understood our quest and used their exceptional sense of scent to reveal the turtles we were after! A poodle and a beagle became stupendous turtle dogs in short order.

    If only you had access to a dog that could go on some of these excursions. Oh sure, you would not want to violate the feeling of spontaneity, however if you planned a few walks and had access to a pooch that had a good sniffing nose, big long digging claws and a desire to please. . .hmmmm, then perhaps you could post a higher gross. Your range would be expanded and the added security of having a larger dog could give Mrs. MoneyWalker less worry. Oh, but how could this possibly happen? The SPCA does not loan dogs, the Police K-9 does not rent them and judging your description it seems you are currently unable to own a dog.

    Of course this is mere chance as you would require access to such a dog (like a house key from a willing dog owner), transport such as pickup truck, dog availability and familiarity with a pooch that has been formally certified and trained in advanced obedience for walking. If this were not enough you would require a basement to sequester this proposed canine after a gathering event. Clearly, the odds are of the "one in a million" variety.

    It’s saddening to raise the prospect of such an unattainable possibility. It’s with sincere hope that you can expand your range and add a greater field encompassing your quest.

    Best regards,
    The DogWalker

  2. Dear DogWalker,

    A wonderful story and an exceptional idea but alas, money does not have a scent as do turtles. However, the long digging claws would definitely be more efficient for coin retrieval than the human finger or the carpenter's nail Mr. MoneyWalker uses. An unattainable goal, as you said, but one with such promise.

    Ms. MoneyWalker