Saturday, February 28, 2009

How It Feels To Find A Five Dollar Bill

After my last somewhat sanctimonious blog entry about the moral superiority of addressing diet and exercise tips to those of the more vulgar notion of writing about finding money, I must confess that it is finding money that provides the passion for this blog. Moreover, I think my readers agree that Bobby’s success or no-success is much more interesting stuff.

Well then, you will want to know that I found a five dollar bill out in the desolate woods of Folsom, LA. Dropped coins just lay there, but bills are found where the wind takes them. This five was near my bird feeder lodged in the fork of an exposed tree root. Given its faded condition, it had been there for some time. Since my nearest neighbors are hundreds of yards away, what is the history?

Concerning the MoneyWalker’s feelings about such a major find; upon reflection, first, there was unmitigated joy followed by disbelief. “Imagine, a five dollar bill out in the middle of these dense woods!” went the thinking. Then I felt territorial and suspicious. Looking over both shoulders then front and back, I quickly looked to see if anyone is watching as I pick it up. Shall I tell my neighbor, perhaps it blew out of his pocket, or he dropped it while reaching for his keys. “No, not likely, and all that bother for a five dollar bill.” As I reflect about other currency finds from past walks, these feelings are typical of past thoughts.

Eventually, The five spot, like all found money, must be dispensed with. Compared with the joy of the find, what value is a five dollar bill? It might buy a gallon of milk and a small loaf of bread. Yet money accumulates, and in a short time a serious MoneyWalker will have accumulated relatively large amounts. Thus, my last thought is that of charity. Soon, I will be placing that five with my other finds, and then identifying a cause worthy of donation. That is a good feeling.


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