Wednesday, February 4, 2009

walking blues

What follows are three consecutive journal entries that have given the MoneyWalker the MoneyWalker blues. 2/1/09;178.4 lbs; 47 cents; S. Carrollton; found bunches of pennies, a working lighter, and several pieces of interesting hardware. Journal entry 2/2/09; 179.4 lbs; 18 cents; 15cents found at Rouses Grocery parking following Super Bowl Sunday; [note to self]"two bad money days in a row. Journal entry 2/3/09; 179.4 lbs; 8 cents; destination--Delgado Community College/bus turn-around; "bad trend."

If searching and finding money is a primary source of motivation to walk for exercise and to derive the benefits (internal motivation), then slow money days can give you the blues. For me, keeping a journal is one way to combat the slow money blues. I look back over the journal and notice the many days that registered exceedingly large finds. I know that if I keep walking and checking my money spots, the rewarding currency will be found. I also note that my weight is staying in my target area, another good reason for keeping a journal.


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