Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Journal Entry 2/11/09

Weight: 178.6; Money Found, $1.06; Residual finds $1.04 from yesterday’s mid-day walk to the drug store; total find $2.10. Specific locations included 18¢ at Rouses Grocery Parking lot, 50¢ at Bean Gallery coffee house USA Newspaper stand (two quarters), one dime at street crossing near Delgado Community College, a dime and six pennies at Burger King drive through, and a dime at drop-off zone in front of Marshall Elementary School. I also found an unused Times Picayune Newspaper on the median of Canal Street, another 75¢ savings. Total value of the morning walk, yesterday’s residual walk, and the newspaper savings, $2.85. Note: I always buy a newspaper on my walk to enjoy during morning breakfast. This morning Sandy and I shared the paper over breakfast on our balcony overlooking the patio now blooming with bright orange spring flowers.

Comment: It is not the amount of money that provides motivation, just the excitement of finding money. On 2/3/09, I registered 8¢; on 2/6/09, a mere 22¢. Not much money, but when asked, “How was your walk!” Each day, the answer is the same, “Great Walk!” Don’t forget the big three for maintaining weight loss—healthy breakfast, daily weighing, and exercise.
The MoneyWalker

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