Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ethical Issues About Finding Money

The MoneyWalker feels glee when finding a coin or paper currency. The size of the glee is proportionate to the amount found. But is it ethical or moral to take pleasure at another’s loss? That is a question that each MoneyWalker must answer for him or her self. In my house are seven vats of money found from walks. I will count it soon, but the last time I counted, it totaled $84.43 for six months walking. My granddaughters, then aged 12, 9, and 6 sorted it by coin and currency using frequency distributions. Then we all went on a candy-store buying frenzy. A MoneyWalker friend saves his loot for a go at Texas Hold ‘em at the Casino. At the University of Idaho, their alumni association has a found money fund created by a UI Vandal MoneyWalker. Now Vandals from all over the world send their found money to the fund:

The interest is used for scholarships and other worthy projects. A family in New York, while not walkers collect found money, and then donate their findings to their favorite charity:

As of now, my feelings are not set about how to dispose of the found money. Also, there are other issues. In future posts we will explore several including when and if we should attempt to return lost money.


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