Friday, February 20, 2009

Journal Entry: Addiction Out of Control

MoneyWalking is powerfully addicting. Yesterday, Feb. 19, the MoneyWalker was engaged in a serious handyman project involving a powerful table saw. An episode gave the word “pushback” a whole new meaning. While sawing a narrow strip, the saw balked and pushed the stock forcefully backward into my right thumb and index finger requiring 7 stitches from a friendly surgeon. Home alone and feeling the beginnings of shock, I drove to the hospital, parked, and walked two blocks to the hospital. Along the way were two newspaper stands and a phone booth, of course the MoneyWalker checked each one for change—shock or no shock--vigilance for dropped money must be honored.

As for journal entries, from Feb. 1, 2009 to Feb. 20, 15 walks were completed. Note that a walk was completed on the 20th, the day after surgery. Body weight on Feb 1 was 178.6, 3.6 lbs above my target 175. Body weight on Feb. 20, was 176.8 lbs—good news. Total money found, $12.52 for an average of 83¢ per walk. In the total were 3 one dollar bills found on three different occasions. During one walk, I thought of a future blog entry to be called “the soul of coins.” Continuing my behavior of good citizenship, I cleaned a phone booth which was thrashed with fast food containers—yuk. The Bean Gallery Coffee Shop continues to be a hot money spot. It will prompt a future blog entry to be called “caffeine deprivation.” Also, we will discuss if finding money during fitness walking is really an addiction, just a habit, or just bizarre? Contemplating themes for blog entries is one of the pleasures of the walk.


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