Thursday, August 6, 2009

Losing Weight in Germany

Journal Entry, August 5, 2009: Weight = 173.2; Coinage = $.52, 48 pennies, 1 nickel; Bottles retrieved = 9; Best coinage find = 17 pennies at a car wash. Finding 48 pennies in one walk is unusual. The pennies must have heard me bragging about the dimes and that one recent walk that produced 8 nickels.

Journal Entry August 6, 2009: Weight = 171.6; Coinage = $.22, 17 pennies, 1 nickel; Glass Bottles = 3; Ground scores = 2; Best Coinage find = an asphalt grouping of 3 pennies buried so deep in the soft asphalt that a back hoe was contemplated. Instead, I dug into my pouch, pulled out a long nail, found a brick for a hammer, and set them free.

Note the man walking in the right side of the Nuremberg, Germany photo, the one in the white shirt. He needs to adopt the MoneyWalker's four point plan for weight loss: Weigh and record daily, eat whole grain breakfast, walk one hour or more five or six days a week, and practice portion control. To lose a lb. a week, he must burn 500 calories a day more than he consumes. So, a little less beer and sausage and a little more fruits and vegetables if you don't mind. I wonder how you say that in Deutch?


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