Monday, August 24, 2009

A Katrina Walk

Journal Entry: Weight = 172.4; Coinage = $1.45, 30 pennies, 1 nickel, 1 dime, 4 quarters; Glass bottles = 11; Ground scores = 8; Best coinage find = 2 quarters and one penny scatter on a find that should not have happened. While tooling down the right side of the street, first the sound and then the sight of a speeding car coming toward the intersection of my current position drew my attention. To avoid breaking stride and to avoid being run down, the MoneyWalker crossed to the left side of the street and out of harm’s way. Thus, I was walking in the same direction as the hurried speedster. And there they were two quarters and a penny.

Feature Entry: It is near the 4-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Is New Orleans back? Far from it! On my block along, construction companies are working on four damaged buildings. But some things are cheerful. School children are bustled to bus stops by their proud parents. A cool front lowered the humidity and many retirees were out on their stoop enjoying the early morning low temperatures. Sometimes the past reluctant hellos of folks during hotter mornings were substituted with robust greetings of welcome. So it is not just buildings that are being repaired, so are the human spirits of Katrina’s citizens.

New Orleans has many months and years before recovery will seem to approach normalcy. And change is uphill, steady if not rapid. This morning, walking with Katrina was a good walk.


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