Monday, August 31, 2009

Katrina Remembered

Journal Entry, August 31, 2009: Weight = 169.8, Coinage = $3.29, 129 pennies, 8 nickels, 6 dimes, 4 quarters; Glass bottles retrieved = 8, 2 broken; Ground scores = 8, one recyclable shirt; Best money find = 29 cents including 1 nickel and 24 pennies. Recycled a box full of baby clothes discarded after a week-end garage sale in the neighborhood. Also, the MoneyWalker has finally dropped below the 170 lb threshold.

Journal Entry, August 30, 2009: Weight = 170.8; Coinage = $ 1.55, 15 pennies, 3 nickels, 5 dimes, 3 quarters.

Journal Entry, August 29, 2009: Weight = 171.6; Coinage = $ 3.67, 150 pennies, 7 nickels, 9 dimes, 6 quarters. Note, the high coinage on Aug. 29 and Aug 31 is a direct result of refining how a local car wash vacuum is searched. Received a letter from the New Orleans Friendship House for battered women and their children acknowledging $210.89 donation from the MoneyWalker, all from change and a few bills found during money walks.

Feature Entry: During Saturday’s morning walk, a large contingency of police, firefighters, and media representatives were spotted preparing for a 9 a.m. 4th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina commemorative. To memorialize the loss of lives, a commemorative park has been created in Paupers Field, the final resting home of 108 unidentified bodies left in Katrina’s wake. More than 1000 New Orleans people drown in the flood.

The service was filled with moving prayers, lively music, and stirring speeches by our city, state, and federal leaders. It was a moving experience and tears flowed unashamedly from the MoneyWalkers. It is interesting to note that these homeless troubled souls provided a great contribution to the rich culture of our historic city as a result of their death—a must see commemorative park at the foot of Canal Street. The park, designed in the shape of the massive storm, will remind the world of the fragileness of our great treasures including the fragileness of the greatest of treasures, the person human.

The MoneyWalker


  1. What a beautiful park. Zeus and I have talked about one day visiting your city and this just makes it all the more enticing.

    Is it a coincidence that your top illustration resembles a treble clef?

  2. Oh, and how about sharing the secret of the car wash vacuum? Those were some impressive totals!

  3. And still one more thing: The breakthrough to the 160s, congratulations. You are inspiring me.

    I think I'm done now.

  4. The commemorative center certainly looks like a treble clef but it was designed to look like a swirling hurricane.

    Car Wash vacuum secrets--think emptying your own vacuum cleaner, but without a paper bag. With gloved hand, unsnap the door, pull out the contents, extract the change, pitch all refuge in the trash can. Leave area tidy. This plan will not work if your vacuum storage containers are locked. My guy leaves his unlocked.

    As for the breakthrough, it was short lived. But I will reach that goal of 168 lbs.

    When you come to New Orleans, let us know and we will arrange a walk.