Saturday, January 18, 2014

'Money in the Bank"

Ms. S's incrediblly delicious Pecan Pie
Featured Topic: “Money in the Bank”
My diet management program is like one of my now grown children’s high school study habits—making an A on a quiz was just so much ‘money in the bank’ to be squandering by goof-off time before the next quiz.  This morning’s weight is an example.  At 176.2 lbs, the MoneyWalker is way ahead of his resolution to weight 174 lbs. by April.  Now comes the discipline, to avoid the pecan pies, cheese spreads, King Cakes, and other fats and sweets that comprise the NFL playoffs and the Mardi Gras season of New Orleans.  I can take one of two tacks—treat the better-than-expected weight loss as an excuse to splurge on calories, or remain vigilant and continue to practice portion control.  It is my call.  Ms. S's pecan pie is the 900 lb gorilla in the room.
As for those that read this blog, perhaps you also have a ‘money in the bank’ personality.  If so, you (and I) need to recognize it for what it is—self destructive behavior--a pattern or cycle of behaviors that has been learned.  As such, it can be untaught.  Most of the time negative behavior results in the need for short term gratification.  The solution begins with ‘cognitive override’—of substituting an immature behavior for a mature one; of letting the mature thoughts of the adult inside of you talk the child in there out of childish behavior.  Just say, “Self, put down that pint of Ben and Jerry and eat a few carrots, or just drink a glass of water.”  For me, cognitive override is to focus on how good those positive scale numbers look rather than how good the ice cream will taste.  The positive scale reading is reinforced with the pride of accomplishment is worthy of recalling the pride over and over; the ice cream with the associated guilt of succumbing to the briefest of a sensory pleasure just leads to more over eating and more guilt. 
Good luck with your child; I’m dealing with mine.
Journal Data:
Weight = 176.2 lbs, a four months low
Coinage = $2.69
GPS data = 4.36 miles walked, 472 calories burned, average pace 16.30 minutes per mile

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  1. Bobby, it all goes back to Learning Theory - immediate reinforcement (food) versus delayed reinforcement (weight loss, good health). Immediate reinforcement is always easier, delayed reinf. requires more discipline.