Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Keeping A Journal and What Might Happen If You Recycle

Topic:  Keeping a Journal and Recycling, See photo below to speculate what caused Ms S's ire.

About.com is a large network of bloggers that until recently worked under the commission of the New York Times (now IAC/InterActiveCorp.  The MoneyWalker reservedly follows Paige-Waehner’s  Exercise.About.com and Wendy-Bumgardner’s Walking.About.com, both advocate keeping a journal to assist with motivation and sustaining an active exercise regiment.  The MoneyWalker’s blog represents his journal.  Although journals require another layering of the pesky tasks necessary for using exercise as an active component of weight loss management, the MoneyWalker finds the journal a useful tool.  For example, last night I conducted a five year inventory of weight gains and losses.  I found that my current weight of 177.2 lbs has hardly fluctuated during the five year period.  But then my waist line has been telling me that all alone.  The links for about.com are listed below.

Weight = 177.2 lbs.  Another record low for 2014

Coinage = $.36. Another 2014 low, but not a good one.

GPS Data = 3.11 miles, 345 calories burned

Recycle/Reuse/repurpose = a warm-up hood update.  Yesterday’s entry indicated a warm-up and two t-shirts had been recovered from the street.  As procedure dictates, last night they were washed in preparation for recycling.  While retrieving from the washing machine, these two bags were spotted.  I have no idea what they might be, but they have been laundried.  Did see a car with a Colorado license plate nearby.  Whatever it is, brings a whole new perspective to sources of motivation. 

Photo taken by owners iPhone.

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