Monday, January 13, 2014

Being a Friend

Topic:  Being a Friend
WWW friends (World Wide Web) are the greatest to borrow from Jackie Gleason.  They have helped me be a better communicator.  Without benefit of facial and body nuance they give my often irreverent comments the benefit of the doubt.  In turn, I have learned to be more careful with alpha communicating.  And they give my efforts at weight loss/maintenance full encouragement.  Also, since I am a walker, they recommend books for the walking section of my library.  They care about me!
So, as a considerate person, encourage people that are dieting or on a maintenance program.  It takes gumption to watch calories and stay physically active.  For some reason, some people tempt the dieter with fatty foods, or invitations to eat at restaurants that serve big portions.  Others diminish the efforts to stay active by making subtle but derogatory comments. 
Be a friend, encourage your friends and family members that are dieting and exercising.  They will love you for it.
Weight = 177.4 lbs. lowest in several months
Coinage found = $1.74 mostly found after it had rained all day
GPS data = 2.54 miles, 278 calories consumed (made up for the small McDonald’s Frappe).
Recycles found = one hooded sweat shirt, one two t-shirts, all being washed as I type. 
James Carville and Mary Matalan, best friends who could have predicted.

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