Friday, September 30, 2011

Eating in New Orleans and Beating the “Yo-Yo” Trap

Eating in New Orleans and Beating the “Yo-Yo” Trap

The last blog was the first of a series of how-to ideas related to defeating the Yo-Yo-like weight recycle problem. This blog will explain how Ray Cannata, a Presbyterian New Orleans minister broke the “Yo-Yo” cycle. Mr. Cannata accepted a call to move to New Orleans just after Hurricane Katrina.

Rather than leave, he led a movement to recruit volunteer ministers and their flocks to vacation in New Orleans and help with gutting houses. This led to an unlikely quest for a person that has pride in his BMI (body mass index).

As the visitors asked, “Where are the good eating spots?”; he began a list of his favorites. In turn, someone challenged him to eat in all the restaurants in New Orleans. He took the challenge and is 719 and counting. The newspaper account related the following:

“Too much high-calorie hospitality could be a waistline hazard, of course, so Cannata always leaves a bite or two behind. Though he initially gained weight as he checked restaurants off his list, he’s since dropped the extra pounds by abstaining from soft drinks and giving up his car. As if Cannata didn’t already have enough on his plate, so to speak, he’s become a champion of the pedestrian-friendly New Urbanist ideals.”

The take-away from Reverend Cannata is eating smaller portions, avoiding soft drinks, and starting a walking program.

In our next blog, the MoneyWalker will discuss another tip for beating the “Yo-Yo” trap—too radically reduce or totally eliminate hybrid wheat products.


Weight = 174.2 “-“
Money found on today’s walk = $.68

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