Thursday, March 4, 2010

Walking and Dog Bites

Journal Entry: Weight = 172.4 lbs.; Coinage = $3.43, 93 pennies ( one wheat), 10 nickels, 5 dimes, 3 quarters; Glass bottles retrieved and placed in disposal = 14; Ground scores = 5 including two nice articles of clothing for the charity yard sale or the recycle pole; Best find = 18 pennies from a boutique car wash cleaning area, one of those places that details your car, not a drive thru.

Feature Entry: Walking and dog bites

The New York Times owns an interesting internet company called Pull up and it will list more than 750 topics of interest. NYT has experts in all of today’s popular topics such as walking, jogging, health promotion, and even how to create or improve an existing blog.

One of my favorites is Walking hosted by Wendy Bumgardner. It is a complete “guide to walking” and features walking, weight loss, training & workouts, and shoes & gear. In today’s feature she called herself a “happy walker.” She says that walking cheers her up. But some things irritate her including unleashed dogs, dangerous strangers, poisonous and irritating vines and critters; thistle weeds for example. I’m with her; there is nothing more irritating than taking a short cut only to fill my socks and warm-ups with prickling stickers. She also worries that she might sprain an ankle or twist a knee. Yikes!!

Wendy’s articles are well researched and trustworthy. Occasionally she talks about finding money and useful objects. In fact, she gave me the concept of “ground scores.” The MoneyWalker highly recommends her.

In the mean time, the MoneyWalker avoids unleashed dogs by changing directions and moving out of harm’s way. Occassionaly I have carried a stick to ward off menacing canines. Bumgardner reported that most people that are bitten or nipped receive bites from petting someone else’s dog that is on a leash. Dogs are often cute and coddly but they can be a problem, so be careful.


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  1. The only bite I ever received was by a large dog who was on a leash. I was moving away from him and the owner just laughed. I didn't laugh.