Sunday, March 7, 2010

The 2009 Oscars, MoneyWalker Style

Journal Entry March 5, 2009: Weight = 171.4 lbs; Coinage = $1.43, 78 pennies, 4 dimes, 1 quarter; Glass Bottles = 3; Ground Scores = 3 which included a new electric juicer.

Journal Entry March 7, 2009: weight = 171.8 lbs; Coinage = $ 6.29 (an absolutely fabulous day for finding money) 154 pennies, 8 nickels, 21 dimes (this must be a record), 9 quarters; Glass Bottles = 9; Ground Scores = 8. Best Coinage Find = a “super find” of three quarters left in a vending coin return.

Feature Entry: The 2009 Oscars, MoneyWalker Style
Tonight is the 82nd Annual Academy Awards. Such an event led the MoneyWalker to review the 150 or so MoneyWalker blogs created during the year 2009. Forty blogs passed initial screening and evaluated with a one, two, or three ranking. The highest was a one and was awarded its merit based upon reader comments, originality, creativity, and importance to the theme of walking, health, or finding money, and miscellaneous attributes. There was one judge and selected the winners with full bias and partiality.

And the winners are:
1. Best Actor: The Ventral Striatum and Money Walking, Oct 15 2009
2. Best Actress: Recidivism and Weight Gain, Sept 20
3. Best Supporting Actor: Sweet Baby James, Experiencing Flow, April 25
4. Best Supporting Actress: Four Excellent Behaviors Plus Two, March 30
5. Best Picture: Ode to the Curb, August 14
6. Best Director: Proustian Thinking, May 18
7. Best Foreign Language Film: Slum dog Millionaire and the Psychology of Money, April 5
8. Best Animated Film: Overriding Atkinson’s Law of Least Effort, April 22
9. Documentary Feature: Albert Bandura, Social Learning Theory & Weight Loss, May 16
10. Adapted Screen Play: The Dopamine Release, Feb. 9
11. Original Screenplay: How to Maintain Weight Loss, January 7

The Oscars are coming on in a few minutes so must sign off. FWIIW, I didn’t like Avatar, did like “The Blind Side” and “Julie and Julia.” I was “satisfied” with the “Princess and the Frog,” Disney was very kind to New Orleans since much of it was inspired by our city. Sandra Bullock is a big friend of New Orleans and has given heavily to local charities. Got to pull for her.


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  1. We just saw Blind Side a few weeks ago. Loved it and glad that she won.