Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Journal Entry March 8, 2010: Weight = 173.2 lbs; Coinage = $4.40, 165 pennies, 13 nickels, 16 dimes, 2 quarters; Glass bottles = 10; Ground scores = 6 including two recyclable shirts and a neat five string guitar with just two strings missing.

Journal Entry March 9, 2010: Weight = 172.6 lbs; Coinage = $.80, 25 pennies, 1 nickel, 2 quarters; Glass bottles retrieve = 11; Ground scores = 2. Today’s coinage find included a “roller.” A roller is a coin that is dropped but then rolls a considerable distance from the original drop. Rollers can be hard to find for the person involved in the drop. The MoneyWalker looks for rollers when cars are in the queue at the burger drive thrus. I just swing wide of the thru way with a sharp focus in the area on the passenger side of the cars. This morning’s roller was a quarter. Once they're dropped, round and round and where they stop, nobody knows.


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