Monday, January 25, 2010

Walking Socks, A Comparison

Journal Entry 1/24/10: Weight = 172.6 lbs; Coinage = $2.59, 64 pennies, 4 nickels, 10 dimes, 3 quarters

Journal Entry 1/25/10: Weight = 172.8 lbs; Coinage = $1.62, 22 pennies, 1 nickel, 2 dimes, 5 quarters; Glass bottles = 4; Ground score = 1 ( a commerative gold New Orleans Saints Fleur de Lis medal attached to a black ribbon—go Saints!!

Feature Entry: Walking Socks, a comparison

Should walkers worry about walking socks? Yes, blisters, foot wear and tear, dry feet, fungus prevention, and foot odor are problems that can be aggravated with bad socks, and largely prevented with good socks. Walking socks can be bought as “low cut,” “ankle length” or full tube.

The MoneyWalker takes pride in being frugal. When he became a serious walker he purchased professional quality walking shoes but went to the Sams Club for his low cut walking socks, six pairs for ten dollars. Believe it or not, they were comfortable. Their problem was durability. After a few walks, the big toe came popping out. Ms MoneyWalker, a more studied shopper, came to the rescue and bought him a pair of Wigwam F 1062 White dri-release Marathon Ankle Length socks. Made of 75% polyester, 15% cotton, and 10% stretch nylon. This composition provides excellent wicking and dryness. Price, about $9.00 a pair.

Beginning to understand the value of quality walking socks, he then purchased a pair of Experia by Thorlo. At $13.99 a pair, these are the Cadillac of walking/running socks. They are composed of 66% specially engineering polyester for moisture wicking. They have an anatomically engineered “aero-dynamic” fit and are sold, like shoes, with specific sizes. Mine are 10. 5 to 11.5. Toes and heels contain extra padding for additional protection from pounding.

So what is the verdict? After walking in all kinds of conditions, both wet and dry walking, I prefer the Wigwams. Both the Experias and the Wigwams provided excellent wicking, but the Wigwams won for comfort. Still, those Sams Club walkers at a buck six bits a pair--maybe a good pair of toe nail clippers…….


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