Monday, January 4, 2010

Julia Roberts and Losing Weight

Journal Entry: Weight = 173.6 lbs; Coinage and Paper Currency = $2.81, 35 pennies, 3 nickels, 8 dimes, 1 quarter, and the year’s first paper find, a one dollar bill. Glass bottles = 4; Ground scores = 2.

Feature Entry: Julia Roberts and losing weight

Last night the MoneyWalkers watched Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts in the ten year old romantic comedy Notting Hill. Julia played herself, a multi million a picture movie star while Hugh played his usual self effacing character, this time an owner of a book store in the Notting Hill of London. Julia, tired of the phoniness of Hollywood allows herself to be invited to a birthday party in a home with common friends of Hugh. After group shock ends at having a famous movie actress in their midst, the group of eight are served dinner with brownies as desert. There is one left, who will get it? A game is devised to convince all others that because of a spate of bad luck during the last year, that person should get the brownie. All told their story and Hugh declared the winner. But Julia had not had her turn. Quoting Julia, “I have been a movie star for 11 years, which means basically that I have been starving all that time in order to keep a star’s expected figure.” She was given the brownie.

As I enter the New Year and make my annual resolution to lose enough weight to satisfy the Body Mass Index tables for my age, height and weight, I thought of Julia’s comment. Is the walking, the calorie consciousness, the habitual weighing, the journal entries, and all the other things required to hold the waist line in check worth the work?

For the MoneyWalker, the answer is yes, I don’t look like Hugh Grant, but my waist size is the envy of many of my friends, and my health check-ups continue to feature ideal blood pressure and heart rate data. I can not recommend nor practice a starvation diet like Julia’s character follows, but I will continue to rely upon the MoneyWalker’s big four program for maintaining or losing lbs:

• Weigh every morning and log the weight in a journal
• Eat a nutritious low calorie breakfast
• Exercise by walking at least one hour every day
• Practice portion control when eating lunch and dinner meals

Happy New Year from the MoneyWalkers


  1. All of my sugary treats went to a New Years Eve party. Leftovers did not return to my home. I had overindulged in sugar and chocolate for over a week. Finally the cravings have subsided, at least a little.

    You asked "is it worth it?". For me, totally worth it. I've felt the benefits.

    What??? You don't look like Hugh Grant??? How about Pierce Brosnan?

  2. If Julia Roberts eating a brownie won't motivate me, tonight's Big Loser will! It's that time of the year where we watch our waist and wallets and try and do something good for the body and soul. I too indulged over the holidays, now it's time to tune up the body and find coins on the ground...either above or below ground. Great job on the money hunting and exercise! Keep it up.

  3. Cravings are back today, with a vengence. Ugh. So far have been able to resist.

    Hey, what's the deal? Your basketball team made ours look like high school kids last night!